Home Maid Cleaning Services

Our professional maid service cleaning in residence on a call out or regular scheduled basis will guarantee peaceful and convivial atmosphere for healthy living.

We provide these services each time we are in your home: Each room will be thoroughly cleaned, dusted and vacuumed using professional cleaning products and equipments. All kitchen appliances, cabinets, tables and backsplashes will be scrubbed and sanitized.

Your bathroom area will positively shine after we’ve cleaned and disinfected tile walls, the floor and tile walls will be washed and scrubbed and chrome polished and then in your bedroom, linen will be changed, and furniture cleaned and dusted, heavy knick-knack areas dusted, cobwebs removed, all accessible floor area swept and mopped, with every other thing in place for a peaceful living experienced.

What a joy this will bring to your family to see your home sparkling each time we visit