Que.            How do I make request for your services?
Answer: -   Through internet/website 
                -  Through phone call/sms
               -   Your physical presence in the office
               -   Any of our service locations.

Que:  If I drop my business card or telephone number to be contacted? How quickly do I get a response?  
Ans:  Within 20 minutes you will be contacted.

Que:  Do you have enough and capable hands?
Ans:  Yes

Que: Do you have provision for an emergency job?.
Ans:  Yes

Que:  Can you take up out of station engagement?
Ans:  Yes, we travel for job execution across the federation and beyond.

Qus: Can I engage your services outside the state for a whole week? If yes, can you cope with other demand from others clients or customer?
Ans: Yes, we have competent hands to handle all task and such demand.

Que: What is your mode of payment?
Ans: Payment options:
-           You can pay to our Bank Account if close to you
-           Our staff will come and pick up your cheque.
-           You can pay through direct electronic transfer
-           You might as well make payment to our office.

Que: Should payment be made before or after the completion of project?
Ans:  70% upfront payment and 30% balance at the completion EXCEPT for Janitorial Services whereby 100% payment is made after services on or before the end of the month.

Que:     Do I need to give you letter of engagement before the commencement of Janitorial cleaning service?
Ans:      Yes, a letter stating that we both agreed on term and condition of service required.

Que:  If your service does not meet the original agreed specification, can I reject it? What will happen?
Ans:  Yes, you can reject it, but we will ensure we exceed your expectation.

Que: If I change term and condition agreed e.g. repetition of job, what is theconsequence on my own part?
Ans: That will attract additional cost of 50% of the total agreed price.

Que:  How competitive is your market price?
Ans:  Reasonable and affordable

Que:  Do you provide services during public holidays and weekend?
Ans:  Yes

Que: Is there any discount for continuous patronage and referral? 
Ans: Yes

Que: Is your company registered?
Ans:  Yes

Que: How fast is your service, How long does in take you to deliver?
Ans: We are faster, efficient and give attention to details, we deliver on or before the agreed time or date as case may be

Que: How do you access my property?
Ans: GC Cleaning Services Ltd, must be able to access your property to provide you a customized cleaning service that will suit you.  There are three choices:
1.   You may leave your key with your doorman or gateman and relatives
2    You can take us there by yourself for security purpose.
3   You may sms the address or location and the contact person and phone number to us.

Que: What if something in my home or office gets broken?
Ans:  GC realizes the nature of cleaning requires that our staff usually touch all items within one’s house or office, except otherwise instructed .if any damage/loss occur, simply notify GC Clearing Services Ltd within 12 hours of the cleaning date

Que:   What if Something was missed and i am unhappy with my Cleaning?
-    Please call us within 12 hours if something was missed during your cleaning. We try very hard to please our clients, but sometimes things happen. We guarantee our services, so we will return to correct the problem at no additional charge.
-    If something small was missed that you would just like to bring to our attention, please do send us feedback, call, email, or leave a note for the team the next time they come out.
-    But please do let us know, we would not want to make the same mistake twice. Communication is very important. If we don't hear from you, we will assume everything is well.
- We welcome and encourage all feedback that will help us improve our service to you.

Que:  What if i forget the Team is coming to clean my home or Office?
- We call all our clients the day before the scheduled cleaning to remind them of their cleaning appointment

- If the team is dispatched, drives to your home, and we can't get in to clean, a =N= 10,000.00 trip fee will be assessed. - This is a minimal fee that is in place to cover the cost of our transportation and employee wages as they travel to and from your home.
- Please call us to cancel the cleaning prior to the scheduled day to avoid this charge.

Que: Can i Leave a note for the Team?
Definitely yes.
It's a good idea to communicate either to the office or the house cleaning team if you want special attention to an area, or if you are pleased with the job or have concerns.
We contact all of our clients after their initial cleaning to ask for feedback. Every client has different wants, needs, and expectations, so the more communication the better.
Our employees strive to provide impeccable service, but we are human and misunderstandings happen occasionally.

Que:   Will I always have the same service provider?
Ans:  We make every effort to have the same service providers each time.  Occasionally there may be a change in service provider due to illness, days off, vacation or they no longer  work for GC Cleaning Services Ltd. As a result it might not be possible to gurantee the same indivdiual or team for each cleaning in the event of such occurrence; we will find a suitable replacement.

We welcome the opportunity to improve our service to you.